Magnetic Bingo Wand 4-Pack & 400 Colorful Metal-Ring Bingo Chips | Educational STEM Resource | Kids Classroom Learning Toys | Science Play to Teach Counting, Pointing, and Sharing

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Bingo! Whether organizing community bingo night or bringing the miracle of science to a classroom full of curious young minds, keep your space neat and your players happy with a complete set of four magnetic bingo wands and 400 metallic chips! Small or delicate hands sometimes have a hard time picking up tiny bingo chips; now, just wave a magnetic wand over the board to clear it instantly. Each of the 4 bingo wands measures 7.5" and comes in either red, green, yellow, or blue. 400 metallic chips measure 0.25 inches and come in translucent colors. Why You'll Love It Magnetic chips and wands are perfect for hands-on science lesson plans for kids of all ages. Preschool, kindergarten, and elementary students can learn principles of physics, math, and simple counting and sharing! Four hundred attractive, colored tokens make sorting easy!


THAT'S A BINGO: Gear up for bingo night with a complete set of four magnetic wands and four hundred color-coded chips! | MAGNETIC PERSONALITY: Cleaning off the bingo card has never been easier! A magnetic wand and chips ensure simple cleanup | THE SCIENCE OF FUN: Bring excitement to elementary or kindergarten classrooms with hands-on learning | COOL COUNTERS: Learn math and counting with four hundred metallic bingo chips in red, blue, green, and yellow | RAINBOW CONNECTION: With four distinct colors, kids can share their chips, yet make sure they all make it back!









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