Magnetic Eyelashes With Eyeliner Kit, Reusable, Cuttable, Waterproof Sweat-Proof, Smudged Free, Natural Glamorous Looking For All Occasions, 5 Pairs

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Why Choose Our Magnetic Eyeliner and Magnetic Eyelashes Kit/b>


The materials of our magnetic eyelashes and magnetic eyeliner kit is very high quality.

The high quality materials, safe and healthy ingredients of magnetic eyeliners is our considering for your health. Flawless, natural glamorous beautiful looking.

Cuttable, reusable. Smudged free, waterproof eyeliner liquid will keep unchanging beauty.

The 5 different styles magnetic eyelashes kit for all occasions. Different length of eyelashes are for your different needs. Work, School, parties, Girls night out.

Our magnetic eyelashes are perfect for your need. The much stronger holding magnetic idea provides you convenient and all day long lasting moments. The magnetic will be holding super strong. Wear them all day long. No need to worry about them falling off.


Package Include

5 Pair Magnetic Eyelashes

1 x Magnetic Eyeliner

1 x Tweezers

Pay attention to the instruction:

Please shake the magnetic eyeliner liquid first before applying the eyelashes. Please remember that you have to shake it first.

Then apply the eyeliner. Wait for few seconds until the magnetic eyeliner becomes dry.

Pick up the magnetic eyelashes by the tweezers, put it on the magnetic eyeliner. You will get the natural beautiful glamorous eyes. Enjoy it. 


HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Our magnetic eyelashes and magnetic eyeliner Kit is high quality product. Our magnetic eyelashes are made of high quality materials. They are all handmade product with excellent wonderful hand work. They are all cuttable and reusable. Natural looking and glamorous eyes are what they can bring to you. | SPECIALITY OF MAGNETIC EYELINER LIQUID: Our magnetic eyeliner liquid is made of safe and high quality ingredients. They are absolutely safe. The capacity of our magnetic eyeliner liquid is very large. It will be enough for your eyelashes using. Our magnetic eyeliner liquid is very safe and healthy. It has no latex, irritation-free, minimizes irritation to your eyes, prevents any damage to your natural eyelashes. | SMUDGED FREE: Our magnetic eyeliner is smudge free, waterproof eyeliner. Whatever kind of weather, you don't need to worry about if your eyeliner will be smudged or not. | ALL DAY LONG LASTING:Each magnetic eyelash come with 5 pieces tinny and ultra thin magnets. The magnetic eyeliner liquid also comes with ultra-fine magnetic particles. This makes the magnetic eyelashes and magnetic eyeliner be holding together super strongly. Wear them all day long, No falling down will be worried about. | FOR ALL OCCASIONS: Our magnetic eyelashes kit has five different styles. The different style for all occasion, daily life, party, wedding, and working. The different length for different type of eyes. What we are providing are your different needs.









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