Magpro 6 Pack Credit Card Size Magnifier Ruler Fresnel Lens Fire Starter Compact Plastic Magnifying Glass Wallet Pocket Magnifier for Reading Small Print, Maps, and books -Blue

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Magpro 6 Pack Credit Card Size Pocket Magnifier Ruler Fresnel Lens Fire Starter Compact Plastic Magnifying Glass-Blue

MAGNIFICATION UP TO 3X: These lenses are great for reading small print, in low light, and viewing small objects.

RULER: A 3 inch standard and 7.5 centimeter metric ruler printed along the edges makes measuring smaller jobs quick and easy when a larger ruler just isn't needed. The ruler is a great tool for measuring scale distance on maps as well

FIRE STARTER: These lenses double as fire starters. They are designed to ignite dry tinder and start a fire on a sunny day. They are a solid product for survivalist, campers, hikers, or anybody needing a last resort method of lighting a fire.

EASY TO CARRY AROUND: Credit card size magnifieer fit in any wallets and protective case of card magnifying glass that each lens comes with its own protective case.

COMPACT:Thin, extremely light and flexible enough to fit in your wallet, purse, backpack, first aid kit or bugout bag. Keep one handy in multiple locations for quick use.

Camping magnifier is a survial supply fresnel lens that is an essential bushcraft item for your bug out bag or emergency preparedness supplies. Further more ruler magnifier can be use to measure scale distance on maps.

Compact plastic magnifying glass use as a solar fire starter and fire starter packs are the wonderful present for people who like camping or doing science experiment. Card magnifier for wallet is easy to carry around.



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