Manfore Dinosaur Fossil Digging Kit for Kids, Dinosaur Science Kit,Tyrannosaurus Rex Excavation Kit, Paleontology & Archaeology Educational Birthday Party Gift for Children

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Description: Dig for Tyrannosaurus Rex bones ~ that's dinosaur poo in our language!! Enter the fascinating world of discovery, archaeology and dinosaurs. The kit is a wonderful educational journey as well as being jolly good fun to complete! Discover the past and the exciting world of dinosaurs! Your kids must like this dinosaur fossil digging kit. Archaeological Method: 1.Open the color box, take out the plaster block buried with dinosaurs, put it on a newspaper or white paper for easy cleaning of gypsum dust, prepare digging tools, brushes and sticks. 2.Using archaeological tools, dig out buried treasure gypsum block, pay attention to strength to avoid destruction of them. 3.Dig out all dinosaur bone parts and wash them with water. 4.Assemble works, archaeological excavations completed, you can find information about dinosaurs, popular science education, to deepen the impression. Specification: Size: 28.5*23*5CM Weight: 700G Package Included: 1* Dinosaur encased in rock 1* Goggles 1* Hammer 1* Chisel 1*Brush


Dinosaur Science Kits - Made of high quality eco-friendly material, non-toxic and safe for kids. Fosters a love of science and history while teaching kids about fossils the fun, providing children with the best educational toys. | Hands-on Digging Experience. Including a genuine Tyrannosaurus dinosaur bone, safety goggles, dig tool and a explore model for your rock collection. Satisfy children’s curiosity and improve their knowledge about being a paleontologist. | An Educational Adventure. Children become immersed in the prehistoric era and will discover amazing dinosaur facts with the interactive archaeological dig kits, and let kids experience the thrill of discovery! Start to become a paleontologist! | Great Party Activity - Just like unwrapping a gift, your child will love uncovering these real fossils and starting a rock and fossil collection. A best interactive gift for kids. The dino fossil dig kits is great for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Birthday, Children’s day gift. | Suitable for children from 6 years and above. There are some small parts, especially not for children under 3 years. Warranty Guarantee, if any question, please feel free to contact us.









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