Marie s Original Poison Ivy Soap Bar - 100% All Natural Triple Acting Formula - Anti Itch Treatment for Poison Ivy, Poison Oak and Sumac - Removes Oils, Soothes and Relives Rashes - 2.9oz

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The secret is out! Cure that burning itch and get immediate relief for poisonous rashes with a product that actually works! Marie s Original Poison Ivy Soap Bar soothes and heals irritating rashes that result from poison ivy, poison oak or sumac. This product is unlike any other because it is made with 100% all natural herbs and essential oils and it really works! A unique triple acting formula with sassafras root bark - a natural antihistamine - immediately stops the itch, heals and soothes swelling and pain while also preventing further rash and irritation. BENEFITS & FEATURES: 100% All Natural IngredientsHandmade in the USARemoves Oils and ToxinsRelieves Itching and IrritationTreats Poison Ivy, Poison Oak and SumacReplaces Creams and OintmentsPrevents and Stops the Progression of Irritation EASY TO USE For best results:1) Wet skin with cool water.2) Lather the affected area and keep it on the skin for 2-3 minutes. 3) Rinse with cool water. IT REALLY WORKS AND IT S ALL NATURAL! Creams and ointments can be ineffective and contain tons of harmful chemicals but our bar soap uses all natural herbs and rare essential oils to effectively heal poisonous rashes. It s safe for you and your family and it provides immediate relief as it works to heal discomfort and redness. PROPRIETARY FORMULA Sassafras Root Bark - A natural antihistamine that stops itching. Noni and White Willow - Two herbs known to help heal swelling, discomfort and redness.European Green Clay & Organic Oat Bran - These work to remove toxins from the skin and help prevent the progression of itch and irritation. MADE WITH CARE AND QUALITY Marie s Original Poison Ivy Soap Bar was formulated in Oregon by Marie, a medicinal herbalist on her 40-acre organic farm. All of our products are made with care and passion by a team of our very own in Hudson Valley, New York. Dont worry when you forget the syntax of an HTML element, like and iframe, a link, a table, an image or anything else. and generate the code you need.


POISONOUS RASH REMEDY: Marie's Original Poison Ivy Bar helps prevent and provide immediate relief of rashes from poison ivy, poison oak and sumac. This 100% all natural formula does not contain any artificial ingredients, dyes or scents. | A SOLUTION THAT REALLY WORKS: Marie's Original has been trusted and relied upon for more than 20 years! Tens of thousands of satisfied customers have enjoyed effective rash treatment. Find out for yourself what the fuss is about! | HERBAL & ESSENTIAL OILS FORMULA: This proprietary blend includes sassafras root bark, which has a natural antihistamine action that relieves itching, as well as noni and white willow, two herbs that reduce swelling, pain & irritation. | MECHANICAL ACTION: While the herbs in the triple action soap reduce swelling and soothe & relieve pain and itching, the pure natural clay and organic oat bran pull toxins and irritants off the skin, stopping progression of any irritation. | HANDMADE IN THE USA: Originally formulated in Oregon by Marie, a medicinal herbalist, on her 40 acre organic farm, this soap bar is hand crafted in the Hudson Valley. You can even use this soap in dally baths and showers to prevent rashes.





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