Méa 3D Mascara Natural Fiber Lash with Enhancing Gel a 2 Kit Combo that Magnifies, Lengthens and Volumizes You into a Covergirl - Hypoallergenic Cruelty Free Formula Smudge&Sweat proof (4d, Mascara)

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Deeply Pigmented gel applied with hourglass brush that glide along lashes smoothly giving you the perfect look. Apply 3 to 4 times for an elongated effect. Don't you hate it when they come off 20minutes after you're done with the makeupWell no more, with Mea's 3d triple lash solution the gels will keep the fibers intact and using our complimentary wand you have the option to clean up the fibers once they application is dried. FLAKE-FREE SOLUTION - 300x Your Lashes Today with our simple 3 step solution. 1) Apply Our Mascara Gel 2) Apply Ferry Fibers for Volume and Length (less is more) 3) Apply the Same Mascara Gel to Hold. Once dried use the wand to clean up fibers that does not, use makeup brush to clean up.


NEW - Cursed with Blonde Eyelashes? Allergic to extension gels? Look no further, you’ve found All in One Mascara Solution that will change your Game. Using Our 3d Volumizer Gel & Natural Fiber combination you can say goodbye to that wet cat look. | NATURAL & EASY TO CLEAN SOLUTION . Using Makeup Remover, or soak cotton pad in warm water, to gently wash your lashes. Our mascaras are made with nontoxic ingredients that is gentle enough for sensitive skins and contact lens wearers . | VALUE – Do not waste Time & Money on Eyelash Extension, Mea’s 3d Mascara will last you over 1 month of frequent everyday use. | STAYS ALL DAY . Say goodbye to raccoon face, flaky fibers and un-wanted clumps . Say hello to your new bff, our long-lasting voluminous lashes that is smudge-proof , run & sweat resistance , and cruelty free . Plus they do not stain easily even if you rub your eyes. | NOT FOR YOU? UNHAPPY? Get your with No Questions asked. Our Satisfaction Policy that protects all Mea’s Customer. With 0 Risk, what are you waiting for? Add to Cart Now





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