Melon Rind Check The Oven! - Adding to 12 Card Game for Kids (Ages 7 and up)

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The family-friendly bluffing game that has everybody guessing.

Players search for similar bakery cards to create sets of 12. Need some chocolate chip cookies, cup cakes, rollsAsk players and they'll offer you cards. Be clever in selecting offers. If you get the Dropped Pie card you'll end up losing points! Successfully keep a poker face to get rid of the Pie card. Kids master different ways to add to 12 while strategizing for more cards. Easy to learn, hilarious to play.

Contents: 48 colorful cards and rules. Ages 7+. Players: 3-6. Playing time: 15 minutes


GAME-CHANGING FUN : A hilarious game of bluffing where kids develop confidence and solid math skills! Players use strategy, humor and logic to accumulate cards adding to 12. | EASY TO LEARN: The object of the game is to collect the most sets of 12 while avoiding the Dropped Pie cards. Players are dealt cards and take turns requesting specific bakery treat cards from the group. Opponents provide what is requested if they have it. If they don't, they bluff. A great poker face, strategy and math skills are all you need to master this game! | FUN FOR ALL: 3-6 players, ages 7+, 15 minutes | CONTENTS: 48 colorful cards and illustrated rules









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