Miami Dice - 100 Retro 80s Translucent & Solid Colored Dice, 16mm Classic Family Pack for Board Games, and Teaching Math

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Game Night Hasn't Looked This Good Since 1989.

All right, hot shot. You got a game night coming up and those dinky dice in the junk drawer aren't cutting it anymore. Step up your game with this 100-pack of six-sided dice. You'll get 5 each of 20 different retro colors: Miami Pink, That Teal Windbreaker Color, and more! With 100 standard-size 16mm dice per set, you can head down to the danger zone with a game of Liar's Dice or Farkel, or upgrade your old favorites with a sleek new finish.

Why You'll Love It:

You never had any dice later on like the ones you had when you were twelve. Does anyoneYou've seen things most people wouldn't believe. A full Yahtzee at your mother's kitchen counter. You watched Ricky throw snake eyes in a dark basement on a 24-hour dungeon crawl one summer. Those unforgettable rolls don't have to be lost in time, like tears in rain. With Miami Dice and some old friends, the classics are here to stay.


100 DICE: Divided into 20 sets of 5 dice, we've got enough of these six-siders to keep you rolling all night long | RETRO SHADES: Channel the spirit of the 80s with 20 unique colors, including the pinks, teals, and purples of your old-school favorites | THE RIGHT STUFF: Regulation 16mm dice with classic pipped faces. Ready to go for all your game night needs | RISKY BUSINESS: With 20 sets of 5, you'll have all you need to risk it all in a game of Liar's Dice, Farkel, or classic Yahtzee | READY FOR ACTION: Whether cruising down memory lane with old buddies or enjoying a fun family game night, be prepared with this 100-pack wherever you go









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