Mimgo-shop Realistic Rubber Snake Toy Garden 50 Inch Black Snake Scary Prank Props for Practical Jokes, Halloween, Tricky April with 2 Spiders and 6 Cockroaches Toy

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Hello Friend, This Lifelike rubber snake toy is soft enough that it straightens under its own weight. It is also long and flexible enough to drape around an adult neck and clings as required. But it CAN'T be bended to stay in any shape like a wire does. It quite hard to be distinguished without careful observation. And you can go to dupe your friends or families, but don't scare people with heart diseases or strangers with this set. Because the snake,spiders and roaches really look like real especially at the first sight. * Realistic Snake: Black back and light yellow belly; Length: approx 50inch(127cm)/ Coiled up size approx 7" in diameter. * Spider Color: Whole black as the picture. * Roach Color: Dark brown as the picture * Package Includes: 1 × Simulation rubber snake toy 2 × Simulation rubber spiders 6 × Simulation rubber cockroaches


?A realistic Snake&Insects Set?3 types totally 9 pcs realistic rubber toys. Including 1 x rubber snake + 2 different spiders +6 cockroaches. More choice more play. | ?Material/Texture?Made of qualified soft rubber material. They looks like real at first glance and can feel the good texture when touching them. | ?Size&Weight?Simulation Snake(Total length approx 50", Weight: approx. 225 g) –Spider(3.8" x 2.5" x 0.75")—Cockroach(2.6" x 1.2" x 0.4") | ?Cool Props&Gifts?These are realistic trick toys for playing pranks. And nice gifts for parties to have fun with your friends and families. Fairly good choice for Halloween, and Tricky April. | ?WARM TIPS?Rubber snake and insects will be a little rubber smell at the first time use. Not for children under 3 yrs.









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