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Fun Monkey Balance Educational Math Toy for Kindergarten, Preschool Kids Ages 3 and up - for Learning, STEM Education, Mathematics, Counting The weighted numbers are perfect for the children to relate the number and amount, they will learn numbers, counting, basic addition and subtraction through the interesting game. Monkey Balance helps build and improve skills in arithmetic, cooperative play, visual processing, sequential thought, focus & attention, recognition & identification, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills. Note: The Monkey Teeter- Totter Scale is a toy scale, not a highly scientific scale.


WHAT YOU GET? 19 monkey figurines, weighted numbers 1-10, 30 double-sided cards, 1 monkey scale, 2 scale pans, 1 base, 1 instruction manual. 100%SAFE - The monkey balance toy is made of safe, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, odorless BPA-free plastic material as we value kids' health. | CUTE MONKEY BALANCE EDUCATIONAL TOYS. The numbers weight matches the corresponding amount of monkeys! Each monkey weighs the same amount and the numbers get heavier as they go up (the 2 is heavier than the 1, and so on). Three monkeys will always balance with the number 3. The monkey balance toy game makes it easier for kids learning early math and number concepts. | DEVELOP EARLY MATH SKILLS. The monkey balance make it easy and fun to develop basic mathematical abilities. Children will enjoy learning "weight, basic addition and subtraction" in a fun way though the balance games. It is a delightful and educational gift for children toddlers boys and girls aged 3 4 5 6 7. | CREATIVE PRESCHOOL LEARNING TOYS. A great teaching tool for number relationships. This hands-on math resource is a helpful visual aid to learn about number relationships such as equal to, greater than, less than and more. | HAVE FUN. Your kids will enjoy hours of fun playing with this Cltoyvers monkey balance, It not only helps build confidence and social skills in children but engages the entire family by teaching and reinforcing basic math skills in a fun and entertaining game environment.









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