MorTime Stacking Peg Board Set Toy - Pegboard Pattern Cards Games Montessori Occupational Therapy Early Learning, Includes 30 Plastic Pegs & 1 Board

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Package Includes: 30 pegs of 6 different colors & one board of 8.5" inch square Stacking Peg Board Set Toy can develop children's fine motor development, cognitive development of color, teamwork ability, artistic cognitive, sensory, cognitive ability, practical ability, imagination and creativity. Have your child develop their creativity while stacking and sorting and creating different designs with the 6 different color pegs and large foam peg board-8.5" inch square. Stacking Peg Board Set Toy is an intimate game partner of children and an important teaching tool to educate children. It is also beneficial to the physical and mental development of children. Besides, it can promote the relationship between parents and children.


DEVELOP SKILLS: The children exercise the flexibility of the hands and the coordination of eyes and hands in the process of playing Stacking Peg Board Set Toy, using hands and brain together can make them more sensitive and lay a goo | BROADEN KNOWLEDGE: Stacking Peg Board Set Toy includes 30 pegs, of 6 different colors and one board. It’ll allow your preschooler child to develop any kind of patterns, stacking the different colors together, while learning and counting the colors and the amounts in the process. | PERFECT SIZE: The large size colored pegs helps make it easy for your toddler, preschooler or child to easily grasp the pieces, and hold the grip while stacking and creating their masterpieces. | DURABLE: These pegs can be easily snapped together and are designed to withstand rough play. The building blocks can provide the vast world of imagination for children, and effectively promote creative thinking of children as well as cultivate creativity. | CONVENIENT: Using storage bag that is made of safe materials which is non-toxic, harmless and no taste. Children can pack and store them conveniently after playing it. Besides, it is easy to carry, so children can play everywhere.









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