Mribo Optical Glass Triangular Prism, 6 Inches Crystal Rainbow Maker for Photography Science Experiments Physics Teaching Light Spectrum

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6 Inches Optical Glass Triangular Prism for Photography Science Experiments Physics Teaching Light Spectrum item. - SPECIFICATIONS: 100% Brand New & High Quality - Color: Transparent - Material: Transparent Glass - Weight: 6. 4 Ounces -Total Length: 6 inches / 150mm - Side Length: 1. 18 inches / 30mm PRODUCT FEATURES: Show your kids a rainbow! Optical glass triangular prism rainbow maker for birthday gifts, science experiments teaching light spectrum physics or photography. You can explain to kids that light is actually made up of a spectrum of colors and talk about how rainbows form and then cement the information with a demonstration. The optical glass can create bright and beautiful rainbows by splitting beams of light into different spectral components, good for teaching about color spectrum in physics course. Package Content: 1 x Optical Triangular Prism 1 x Carrying Case Note: Please click and add to cart now! Get our Optical Glass Triangular Prism Immediately! Explore the magical optical theory together!


Glass triangular prism crystal prism rainbow maker cool light tricks photography effects camera lens science classroom sunlight spectrum prism optical glass photography 6 inch 150mm clear glass 6 inches optical k9 science physical experiment | BEST GIFT FOR KIDS: Show your children the spectrum of colors and they would have a lot. | COOL SCIENCE EXPERIMENT: A great tool for teaching refraction and science education in physics classroom. It can also be used for art photography effects, wedding and birthday parties and some other outdoor events. | QUALITY: 100% premium quality optical spectrum glass, made of K9 optical glass with better refraction effects and clear reflection. | FUNNY: Get this Optical Glass Triangular Prism and explore the magical optical theory with your family and friends. It can also be used as an auxiliary tool for taking photos to help you take cool photos.









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