MyKazoe Waterproof Bassinet Play Yard Pad & Lap Pads - Set of 3 (Animal Carnival)

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Ever run into a situation where your baby does business while being changed Don't want to pay extra money for disposable pads and more importantly, stay green and be environmentally friendly MyKazoe baby pads kit is exactly what you need! This kit comes with three waterproof multipurpose pads (one bassinet pad and two lap pads). With these pads in place, your baby's "accidents" during diaper change will be absorbed. No cleaning of crib or bassinet sheets, or the usage of expensive, non-environmental friendly disposable pads. Simply toss the smaller pads in your diaper bag and you'll have a clean and hygienic surface when changing your baby. This set is a must have for parents. Get yours today - it also makes a great present for new parents! We also offer these waterproof pads in crib size with the same quality and same prints, please visit our store front


MyKazoe Waterproof Baby Pads Kit contains set of 3 waterproof pads: 1 bassinet/playard pad (dimension: 19.5"W x 27.5"L) and two changing pads (dimension: 12"W x 17.5"L). Provides excellent protection against fluids, urine, perspiration, allergens, dust mites and bacteria. 100% waterproof and breathable | Bassinet pad is ideal for use in bassinet, play yard, pack n play, changing pad or even in a crib. The multi-use lap pads are ideal for use while nursing / breastfeeding in case of spit up, in a swing in case of accidents or diaper leaks, changing baby's diapers on changing pads or on-the-go | Easily folds up & fits into diaper bag for easy transport. Made with high quality cotton fiber and high absorbent bamboo fiber liner allowing the pads to feel exceptionally smooth on the skin even after repeated uses and washes | Vinyl (PVC) Free. These pads are made with TPU (a toxic free, noise free and breathable material), which prevents microorganisms and molds, as well as dust mites, ideal for ultimate allergy relief. Cotton flannel surface for maximum absorbency. Machine wash at warm or cold temperature and tumble dry low only. Hang dry is recommended | Also available in individual bassinet size or crib size (sold separately), click on the "MyKazoe" link above first bullet point









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