Mythical Slyme DIY Unicorn Galaxy Putty - Rainbow Glow in the Dark Glitter Slime for Kids

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Our new D.I.Y. putties are clear with mixins ranging from multi-colored glow in the dark glitter to glow in the dark stars. These never-before-seen effects feature the signature Magic Slyme putty base (super stretchy, super clear, never dries out, bounces/breaks/dances like a unicorn being tickled) and allow you to customize exactly how extra you want your putty to grow up to be. Well, who are we kidding - there a shade called Dragon Fart, wee all pretty extra here.


THE WORLD’S FIRST GALAXY GLOW PUTTIES: These DIY kits are to make your own putty featuring the world’s first ‘Galaxy Glow’ effect by suspending glow in the dark glitters in a transparent putty/slime base that never dries out. Remember those glow in the dark stars you had on your ceiling? Well, this is the modern, slime-tastic version of that! | DRAGONS, UNICORNS, AND MERMAIDS, OH MY!: The mythical creatures are on a mission to fundraise for mythical creature conservation… by donating their own body parts to the cause. It was difficult to trap enough dragon fart for these tins. And shoveling all that dragon poop while prying the icicles off cranky dragon butts wasn’t easy either. Anything for keeping magic alive, though. | GET CREATIVE: Get hands-on by mixing up your glow in the dark glitters (some of them are multicolored!) into the putty base yourself. Customize how much glow to watch it light up! | NONTOXIC, NEVER DRIES OUT: Not as runny and sticky like traditional homemade slime, these crystal clear putties are pure magic. Made of 100% authentic unicorn, mermaid and dragon bits, they even leave your hands feeling moisturized! They’re very lightly scented with a pinch of lavender and vanilla. | WOMAN OWNED AND OPERATED: Because nothing like a lady slimepreneur to inspire your kids (or adult friends with wacky senses of humor) to strive higher in life.

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