Natural Almond Enhanced Pure Artisan Made Vegan Olive Oil Bar Soap Set from Mediterranean (Almond Bars of 4)

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INGREDIENTS / MAKE: Soap by definition is an alkali mixed with fats/oils. When combined, a process called saponification happens, creating soap. A mix without lye will be a bucket of chunky, fatty oils floating in water. In order to increase lathering, or to make it tear free, and some other reasons, other manufacturers may add other industrial ingredients such as perfumes, etc. that is causing impurity. Enhanced Anatolian soaps do not have those additional ingredients and only composed of four main elements: 1- Soap base means the alkali (the most used alkali is sodium hydroxide - lye) 2- Olea Europaea (which is olive, a vegetable) oil 3- Aqua (water) 4- Rose Extract: No perfume or fragrance. Extract obtained by traditional ways using ages long tools from roses. Bars will have subtle smell and pale color. Our products, does not have anything animal based. 100% vegetable based, hence you will have a vegan product. Bars are not tested on animals, so cruelty free. WHAT TO EXPECT: We believe there would not be any other soap with a shorter list of ingredients. Do not expect fancy! Expect quality! These bars are handmade with no extra finishing touches. They have cornered edges and no shiny looks. They almost look like an industrial product. Yet, best possible ingredients. 72% or more raw Mediterranean olive oil should make a statement enough. Please note that in humid environments / weather conditions, you may find that these olive oil bars are sweating olive oil. Even though the bars are wrapped in a hard case, the casing carton would suck some of these bursting olive oil and may have stains. This is just because the soap bars are made with a lot of olive oil and also proving the point that there are no chemicals etc used to prevent such cases. Additionally, if the bars kept in a dry or cold environments each bar's own moisture will dry on itself creating a white scalp.


COMFORT: Would you like to experience squeaky clean Cleanse, moisturize, soften, exfoliate your skin enhanced with almond extract while refreshing and soothing without irritation. Therapy for body. Best results expected after regular use. Anything may be missing is the perfumes and smooth fabricated soap feeling. Expect longer lasting bars from their equivalents. | QUALITY: Extract of almonds and olives from the Mediterranean to your home handmade by artisans using traditional techniques and 100% raw best organic vegan materials for optimum cleansing and health care. None of the soap bars went through automation processes or chemical treatment. Please excuse even small imperfections in each bar's cuts. They were all done by hand. Naturally Anatolian from Turkey. | SIZING: Each Bar: 3.5 oz - 99 gr Seven Bar Set: About 24.5 oz - 693 gr total | PURE: Not animal tested, handmade, free of parabens, alcohol, sulfate or any other chemicals. Safely use it in the bathroom, kitchen, baby tub, spa, or give the gift of nature to the loved ones. Please note that the soap is NOT tear free. | LUXURY BEAUTY: Anatolian bar soaps aim to provide luxury beauty through its line of natural pure olive oil based hand made products with traditional artisanal products. Simple but true to ecological treatment.





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