NeneSupply 5 Count Duckbill Valves. Suitable for Medela Breastshields and NeneSupply Breastshields. One Duckbill Valve Replaces Medela Valve, and Membrane.

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  • Work with Spectra and Medela breastpumps, except Medela Freestyle.
  • Easy to remove
  • Less parts to wash, and sterilize
  • Great suction
  • FDA compliant for food contacts

  • COMPLETE RANGE of AFTERMARKET COMPATIBLE PUMP PARTS for SPECTRA:Nenesupply makes complete range of compatible aftermarket pump parts for Spectra. Including Flange, Duckbill Valve, Backflow Protector (Short end and Long end), Tubing, Collection Bottles (Wide Mouth and Narrow Mouth, Breastshield converter. All available on Amazon.

  • TRUSTED BRAND: Nenesupply makes high quality compatible breastpump parts for Medela, Spectra, Ameda, and Avent breastpumps. Buy with confidence!

  • Medela, Spectra and associated pump model names are registered trademark of Medela or Spectra. NENESUPPLY is an independent company. It is not associated with Medela or Spectra.
  • Features:

    CONTENT - 5 NENESUPPLY DUCKBILL VALVES for Medela and Spectra. Work with SPECTRA breastshields, MEDELA breastshields, and NENESUPPLY breastshields. MADE BY NENEDUPPLY. NOT ORIGINAL SPECTRA S2 ACCESSORIES | COMPATIBLE BREASTPUMPS - SPECTRA S1, SPECTRA S2, SPECTRA 9 Plus, SPECTRA DEW 350 breastpumps, and MEDELA PUMP IN STYLE, MEDELA SWING, MEDELA HARMONY, MEDELA SYMPHONY, MEDELA MINI ELECTRIC breastpumps. See photo illustrations for compatible breastpumps.Replace Spectra duckbill valves | EASY TO REMOVE, LESS PARTS TO WASH - easy to remove from flanges. No more stucked valves. One duckbill valve replaces a Medela valve and a Medela membranes. No need to buy extra membranes. Mothers have fewer pump parts to wash, sterilize, and assemble. | THE SAME SUCTION POWER AS OEM VALVES. Compatibility guaranteed! | MATERIAL - SILICONE. BPA FREE, and can be sterilized in water steam or boiling water. Comply with EU and FDA regulations for materials that contact food.









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