Nenesupply Compatible Tubing 4 Tubes for Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breastpump Not Original Medela Pump Parts Not Original Medela Pumpinstyle Parts. Replace Medela Tubing Medela Pump Tubes

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COMPLETE RANGE of AFTERMARKET COMPATIBLE PUMP PARTS for MEDELA: Nenesupply makes complete range of compatible aftermarket pump parts for Medela. Including breastshields, valves, membranes, duckbill valves, tubing, collection bottles, breastshield converter. All available on Amazon. TRUSTED BRAND: Nenesupply makes high quality compatible breastpump parts for Medela, Spectra, Ameda, and Avent breastpumps. Buy with confidence! Medela and the pump model names are registered trademarks of Medela AG Switzerland. Nenesupply is not associated with Medela nor does Medela endorse the products.


NENESUPPLY TUBING FOR MEDELA PUMP IN STYLE Advanced breastpump PISA. Contain FOUR transparent plastic tubing. MADE BY NENESUPPLY. Not Original Medela Pump Parts. Not Original Medela pumpinstyle parts. | SEE THE PRODUCT PHOTOS TO VERIFY YOUR FACE PLATE BEFORE MAKING PURCHASE. Use with Medela Pump In Style released AFTER July 2006. It will not fit models sold before July 2006. | FOUR 42" LONG, CLEAR AND TRANSPARENT PLASTIC TUBING with an adaptor on one end, and soft end on the other. SAME SUCTION POWER AND SPECIFICATIONS AS MEDELA TUBING and Medela pump tubes | COMPATIBLE AND INTERCHANGEABLE WITH OEM PARTS. ALL PARTS MADE BY NENESUPPLY. They are interchangeable with Medela breastshields | MATERIALS DO NOT CONTAIN ANY BPA. IN RETAIL PACk. Comply with EU Commission Regulation (EU) No 10/2011 for plastic materials that contact food. Tested by independent labs for safety.









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