NOAHWOOD Fingerboards Parts PRO Common Trucks (34mm/Pivot Cups/Lock Nut/White)

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Noah team made up of a group of skateboarders fans. They are different from the traditional skateboard team. They seem to be more enthusiastic about the development of global public welfare, such as (focusing on stray animals Activities: don't be afraid, the world has me!) (World Sleep Day: extra hour of sleep) (Stay away tobacco) (Sit 30 minutes quietly every day) (Nature with me) and so on. They have used various opportunities to promote environmental protection and explore the relationship between people and nature. For this purpose, in 2007 they established the fingerboard public welfare brand NOAHWOOD, hoping that more teenagers will understand the extreme sports while paying attention to health and the environment importance. NOAHWOOD Fingerboards PRO Common Trucks: (2 Pcs/Set) Size: 34mm Parts List Following: 1. Free Upgrade Lock Nut: 6 Pcs/Set (PRO) 2. Cup Washer: 2 Pcs/Set 3. Top Bushing: 2 Pcs/Set 4. Bottom Bushing: 2 Pcs/Set 5. Bottom Washer: 2 Pcs/Set 6. Axle Washer: 4 Pcs/SetRO Only 34mm bridge7. Free Upgrade Pivot Cup: 2 Pcs/Set (PRO) 8. Nail: 8 Pcs/Set 9. Standard Uncut Tape: 1 Pcs (Black and Size: 38mm*108mm) 10. Tool: 1 Pcs/Set If any questions please do not hesitate contact us, We pay high attention to customer's feedback on our products. We'll do everything we can to make customer rest assured! NOTE : Noahwood trucks need the top of screw down into the boards not less than 1 mm. you have to find bigger screw driver to finish. For safety we only provid toy tool. The larger cross taper (dimension :1.5-3mm) and the blade for cutting the grip tape not provided. Please replace the tool yourself in need .


Provide a professional third-generation 34-mm Trukes, on a third-generation basis, Upgrade Lock Nut and Pivot Cup. | Competent for all kinds of high level moves, Lock Nut never fall off the wheel, not scratch the players fingers, excellent experience. | Constant practice makes the fingers very flexible. It is hand extreme sports. For routine training and competition. | Must-have for eyeballs. Get your swag on! Never call a child to see it, unless you want to lose it. You will love it heart and soul. | Best Psychological decompression product. It is existential psychology. Be careful! Your fingers will be uncontrolled!









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