NVTED Hair Brush Set with Detangling Nylon Pins Massage Paddle Brush Cushion Hair Combs Hair Dryer Brush for Women Men Kids Girls (Gold)

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Specification: Weight: Oval hair detangling brush: 0.19lb Paddle brush: 0.29lb Round hair brush: 0.22lb" Dimension: Oval hair detangling brush: 2.75 x9.25 (inch) Paddle brush:3.14 x 9.64 (inch) Round hair brush: 1.57 x 8.85 (inch)


PROFESSIONAL HAIR BRUSH SETS - The NVTED hair brush set comes with three types of brushes: a large paddle hair brush, a hair detangler and a round hair brush, a more cost-effective choice for you to do hair styling with salon style results. | Nylon Bristle - The curly hair brush features heat-resistant nylon bristle that works best for detangling and straightening thick or thin ,curly or damaged hair for women or kids. | BALL TIPPING - With ball-tipped bristles, the detangling brushes are gentle on the scalp and will not pull hairs. It means that you are messaging the scalp when brushing which increases circulation, thus helping to promote hair growth. | SMOOTH HANDLE - The detangling brushes are easy to grip with a no-slip comfortable handle. And at just 4.7 ounces, your hands won’t get tired or cramp up as you do hair styling. | CUSHION HAIRBRUSHES - The paddle brush with air-filled cushion are especially for medium to long hair that is prone to tangling and breakage as the air cushion conforms to the shape of the scalp and “absorbs” any shock that may arise out of harsh or intensive brushing.









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