[O-ing Tower] Love & Naughty Stacking Tower Wooden Blocks Funny Couple Game for Adults - 54 Wooden Blocks with Truth or Dare Questions and Challenges

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Board game that can improve 'relationship' through 'communication' couples Specification 1. Material: Wood (Package: Paper) 2. Size: 8cm X 8cm X 29cm 3. Composition: 27 QUESTIONS + 27 MISSION CHALLENGES (Get to know each other with the questions and make new memories with the exciting challenges) Features [O-ing Tower] Love & Naughty board game to spice up things in the bedroom. 54 Wooden blocks of stack tower game with Truth or Dare questions and challenges It is a special wood block game developed for couple romantic life and hotter night. The board game includes 54 wood blocks with different questions & challenges about Love & Naughties printed on. Aren you bored hanging out together always the same wayDon you want to make a special memory with your loverGive O-ing Tower as a special gift to your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband, friends! How to use 1. Build a wooden block. 2. Set penalties before the game starts. (In case you cannot answer the question or perform challenges, or you dropped the wooden block) (Examples: drinking a glass of wine, bottoms up, write one name with his or her hip) 3. Draw a wooden block. 4. Answering questions or performing challenges written on the block. 5. The person who breaks down the wooden block performs the penalty. Recommend to 1)People who want to know more about lovers 2)People who want to get closer with their lover 3)People who want to have a more fun date with their lover Precautions 1. Do not put a block in your mouth or swallow it. 2. Do not put the blocks near fire. 3. Be cautious when you touch the edge of the blocks as they can be sharp. 4. Do not throw blocks at people. 5. Please reach an agreement with your partner first before performing a penalty.


MAKE YOUR DATE NIGHT SPECIAL - This is a game for couples who want to spend romantic time together and get to know each other better! Play this love & naughty board game and make a night filled with fun, romance and laughter! | THIS TOWER GAME INCLUDES - Truth or Dare questions and tasks/challenges that your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband must answer or perform are printed on each 54 wooden blocks. | 27 QUESTIONS - Get to know each other better with the questions! 1) Confess 1 secret about your body parts. 2) Give 3 adorable things about your partner. 3) Say "I love you" while looking into partner’s eyes. | 27 CHALLENGES - Make new memories with the exciting challenges! 1) Imitate partner's behaviors or the way they talk. 2) Give your partner *** covering his/her eyes. 3) Hug your lover from behind. | THE PERFECT GIFT FOR ANY COUPLE - This can be played by new couples who have just begun dating, or even long-time married couples. This dating game is the best novelty gift for anniversary, birthday or Valentine day for your friends or loved ones.







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