Obama Toilet Paper - Funny Democrat Toilet Roll Gag Gift - 3 Ply Toilet Tissue, 200 Sheets in Each Roll - Novelty Toilet Paper for Republicans and Trump Fans - Political Humor White Elephant Idea

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The Most Hilarious Way To Get A Former President To Kiss YourHumorous Side! Are you an Obama lover who enjoys a great laughOr are you an Obama hater that was more than happy to flush away 8 years of miseryNo matter how you feel about the guy and what your political beliefs are, our hilarious toilet paper with his image in full color glory will definitely put a smile on your face! Introducing The Obama Toilet Paper By Gagster! Our funny novelty toilet paper features Barack Obama face on each sheet of the entire roll of tissue paper and is the ONLY Obama toilet paper on the market printed in FULL COLOR and not black and white - and what more - the imaging won smudge, smear or fade out! Yes You Can use it for its original TP purpose and also easily decorate your can with our toilet roll - as it will easily fit your toilet paper holder and dispenser! Because Obama-Cares, our 3 ply 200 sheets per roll toilet paper is super soft, absorbent and individually packed to ensure hygiene and safety. Exclusively For Men & Women With A Great Sense Of Humor! Our Obama toilet paper is a great prank gift for all your Republican and Trump Fan friends, family members, coworkers and loved one and is guaranteed to put a smile on your Democrat friends face too! Spread laughter to everyone at an upcoming gathering, holiday celebration, house warming party or any occasion people who love a good laugh will be attending with our TP gag gifts! Coming with a Money Back Guarantee of Total Satisfaction - youe got nothing to lose! If anything about our tissue roll disappoints or displeases you, contact us and wel make it right! For Great Laughs, Gags & Pranks - Go Ahead & Click dd To CartNow Before We Run Out Of Stock!


YES YOU CAN SEE OBAMA IN THE CAN! Obama toilet paper! Funny, original and unique political gift to decorate bathrooms or wipe away - well - any “mess” that will put a smile on everyone’s face! | BARACK OBAMA’S FACE IN FULL COLOR GLORY: The ONLY Obama toilet paper on the market printed in full color! Obama’s face is printed on each sheet of the entire roll and the image won’t smudge or smear! | GREAT OBAMACARE GUARANTEES YOUR COMFORT: Super soft and absorbent 3 ply toilet paper with 200 sheets per roll ensures you can not only gift our novelty bathroom roll but also use for its original purpose! | HILARIOUS NOVELTY TP GAG GIFT: Playful prank - gag gift to spread laughter and amusement to friends, family, co-workers or anyone with a great sense of humor whether they are Obama lovers or haters! | LOVE IT / HIM OR YOUR MONEY BACK: Your happiness is our top priority! In the unlikely event you don’t absolutely love our funny toilet paper, we offer you a Hassle Free Full Money Refund! Click “Add To Cart” Now concern free!



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