OHeal Acne Pimple Master Patch 108 dots - Absorbing Hydrocolloid Blemish Spot Skin Treatment (108 Patches, 3Pack)

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OHeal acne pimple patch does well in protecting, treating pimples and preventing infection.

Hydrocolloid removes dirt, oil, makeup, and replenishes seriously stressed skin in a flash.

It does not cause allergies and dry skin and suitable for all skin types and all ages.

How it works:

*Quickly and effectively clear acne. Kill bacteria without irritating or drying the skin

*Absorb wound exudate, good for cell repair and speed up wound healing

*Invisible, cover acne flaws, easy to apply makeup

*Can be used as mini wound paste

Easy to use:

1.Clean the target area with distilled or normal saline and dry the skin

2.Remove the film and stick on the target area gently

3.Put the edge of the acne patch tight

4.As the patch turns white full of excretion,replace it with a new one

Warm tips:

Do not stress when affixed

Inapplicable Large area of infected skin

People who are sensitive to hydrocolloid should use carefully


108 patches * 3 sheets


NATURAL AND GENTLE ACNE PIMPLE PATCH: Hydrocolloid pimple stickers can efficiently absorb wound exudate, pus, oil, reduce redness and inflammation, good for cell repair and speed up wound healing | ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS: hydrocolloid, the main ingredient of these master patches, is a natural acne spot treatment. Invisible, drug free, waterproof and breathable, can be worn day or night, with or without makeup | MADE FOR ALL SKINS: Non-drying thanks to his hydrophilicity, which won't dry or irritate surrounding skin, perfect for all skin type and all ages | COMFORTABLE & EASY TO REMOVE - Works best over the night, tested by restless sleepers who tosses and turn & they'll are still there when they wake up. Best of all are thin enough that you can still enjoy your sleep. | PACKAGE DETAILS: 36 sterile pimple patches in 3 package.









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