Ohuhu 15 inch Soft Body Baby Doll, Vinyl Washable Baby Girl Doll, Two-Piece Outfit, Play Doll For Children 3 Years Or Older

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Description A cute lifelike doll is a child's first best friend before they develop real human friendships. Ohuhu Baby Doll offers kids the opportunity to develop their cognitive, creativity and hands-on skills. It allows practicing grooming and hygiene skills such as brushing hair, washing hands, put on and off clothes and more. Kids often find it easier to practice these skills on someone (or something) else before they can apply them to themselves. Owing to winter clothes and summer clothes 2 sets of outfit provided, this hand washable baby doll is stress-free for both parents and kids if it gets dirty. Look no further, just make your baby happy! Specifications - Material: Silicone vinyl and weighted cloth body - Size: 15 inches


SWEET BABY GIRL DOLL: She is a 15 inch realistically looking soft body doll with amazingly detailed vinyl head, arms, and legs. At 15 inches, she is the perfect size for children to hug and love. Our dolls look like real babies and have intricate details like stunning brown eyes, natural expressions and rightly proportioned arms and legs. Kids will love to play with snugly soft body. This Ohuhu product has been SAFETY TESTED and approved for children 3+ | SAFE FOR YOUR KID, SAFE FOR THE PLANET: Made of vinyl, the realistic doll is odor-free, non-toxic, and extremely safe even when your kid bites or sucks it. Moreover, the doll is washable so you don't have to worry about when your kid drags it around. | FOR BETTER SLEEP: Baby's sound asleep is what parents pursue for. The favorable face and realistic touch feeling sooth your baby's uneasy emotion, leading to a relaxed sleeping atmosphere.Why not pick this fabulous sleep companion? | 2 PIECE OUTFITS: The thick onesies for the winter time and the T-shirt and shorts for the summer time. A complete set for any child being introduced to a new sibling. With a full variety of different clothes for kids to change her doll will introduce them to the idea and help them grasp the concept. | LIFELIKE, PERFECT FOR SELF IMPROVEMENT: The lovely toy is so lifelike and natural expression, really a nice toy for the buds. It's the first best friend of your baby and great to develop the cognitive, outside, and creativity. Perfect as christmas gift



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