Old Spice Deodorant for Men, Bearglove Scent, Wild Collection, 3 oz, (Pack of 3)

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Old Spice Men's Deodorant reduces underarm odor for 24 hours. Turn the base to raise the deodorant and wipe armpits for long-lasting freshness. Deep in every man, beneath the people clothes and remembering how to drive, beats the heart of a wild animal. Old Spice Wild Collection taps into that animal magnetism and unleashes the power of a beast in his element. Bearglove scent has the smells of apple, citrus, and just a little spice, to awake the forest-dweller in you. Old Spice Men's Deodorant overpowers even the burliest stink with overwhelming good-smellingness. Win the battle of natural selection: out-compete your enemies, attract nearby females, and answer the smell of the wild.


Bearglove scent commands grizzly-bear-level respect with smells of apple, citrus, and spice | Old Spice Men's Deodorant overpowers stink with good-smellingness | Answer the smell of the wild with Old Spice Wild Collection | So easy to use you might accidentally put it on and only later realize your man-nificence | Provides 24-hour odor protection, in case you need to climb a mountain, fight off a bear, and ride an elevator all in the same day

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