Olive Oil Soap Bar (9 Bars)

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Anatolia Daphne Laurel Beauty soap packs a myriad benefits of the Bay laurel (Laurus nobilis) herb in one unique, household cleansing bar soap. Made to Triple-milled standards, our bar washes for a clean feel with its creamy lather. Our uniform, smooth soap without impurities is versatile and easy on fabrics, moisturizes dry, sensitive skin, and gives your hair a shiny, darker look. Anatolia Daphne Laurel oil soap is one of the best laurel berry soap making supplies. The artisan-crafted Laurel berry oil soap has a mild, heavenly fragrance that will make you fall in love at first sight. Our Savon bar is extracted by cold press of Mediterranean Bay Leaf berries which contain essential phytochemicals, vitamins, copper, potassium, calcium, Selenium, Magnesium, Zinc, Manganese, which strengthen the hair and skin for a healthier sheen. This cleansing bar washes your kitchen utensils and laundry, leaving your clothes with an elegant scent and brighter colors. The mineral, antioxidant, and vitamin-rich status of Laurel essential oils, gives your skin a beautiful, radiant, hydrated sparkle. Use our soap for fast results in a few weeks. Suitable for men, women, boys, girls, and children. Replenish your skin for a luxuriant look and pamper your body with this AROMATIC evergreen product. An excellent gift for friends and family on special occasions. Do not leave your skin at the mercy of preventable problems. Buy maximum skin protection with 100% Natural non-animal tested, cruelty-free, Laurel Soap and thank us later. Click the ADD TO CART button now! Disclaimer: All claims are unverified and based purely on research and centuries-old traditional beliefs and experiences of local people. Please, note that due to differences in skin type, users may have different experiences resulting from variations in skin type.


Hand-made, olive oil soap bar with laurel oil (extract). | Good for sensitive and allergic skin/hair. | Refreshes skin and gives volume to the hair when nourishing. | Good for allergic and sensitive hair and skin. | All Natural, vegan, chemical free olive oil soap bars.





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