Ollieroo Fuse Perler Beads Kits for Kids Crafts Wind Chimes Iron Beads with Pegboard Tweezer Ironing Papers Girls Boys Rainbow

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How come the perler beads spread around the whole world Perler beads prevails are perfect for rainy days projects,school,camp,even scout activities.Nowadays,more and more kids are crazy about electronics,they spend much time in games,videos,but feel less about the real world.These small accessories will easily attract the attention of little ones,help get the habit of manually doing and thinking in a creative and funny way,stay away from screen and make more friends. Package List: Beads Size: 5×5mm Color: Purple;Blue;Rainbow Accessories: 1×Perler Bead Kit;1×Square Pegboard;1×Round Pegboard;3×Ironing Paper;1×Chain;1×Tweezer;Multiple o-rings,etc. Note: Remember to set the iron in a Medium setting,or the higher temperature might melt or scorch the beads.



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