Oregano soap for deep skin cleaning - Powerful Antiseptic. For nail & skin infections, Athletes foot, acne etc 100% safe & effective, For all skin types

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The soap is made with one of the most powerful essential oils presented by nature: Oregano Oil It has been proven clinically that Oregano oil acts better than other commercial soaps at cases as: Athlete's foot,Jock Itch,acne,and other skin and nail infections ....The best thing to do is washing your hands: Telia oils Oregano soap is an excellent antiseptic and an effective deep cleaner. WHY TO USE DANGERUS INGREDIENTS Oregano soap is far better than any soap with non natural ingredients. It is one of the best soap products for body and bath. Oregano Soap is a powerful weapon and at your daily clean.. Oregano Soap is: -natural ingredients, free from alcohol and preservatives -100% effective. PACK of FOUR (4) Soap Bars / Every Soap is 100 gr- 3.34 oz. If you are not satisfied from our product and its results, we are ound for a full purchase refund.


The soap is made with one of the strongest essential oil presented by nature: Oregano Oil. Due to its content in pure oregano essential oil (containing thymol and carvacrol) | Teliaoils oregano soap is the best ally against nail & skin infections. | ideal for athlete’s foot Jock itch, acne etc | A powerful antiseptic. For deep facial and skin cleaning. For all skin types. | Telia oils Oregano soap, is a 100% from Trusted ingredients, pure and organic



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