Organic Tea Tree Oil Conditioner - Hydrating Conditioner for Dandruff Hair Loss Itchy and Dry Damaged Scalp Treatment - Paraben and Sulfate Free - with Manuka Honey Coconut Oil and Stem Cells - 16oz

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Our Tea Tree Moisturizing Conditioner have modern & medical grade ingredients that can ease an itchy & dry scalp, soothes your feeling & protection from any disease-causing agent that can harm and limit your healthy hair.

Our Powerful Main Ingredients & Its Benefit:

  • Tea Tree Oil - Derived from Australian native plant Melaleuca Alternifolia. It is incorporated as the active ingredients used to treat skin infections. Apple Stem Cells help to promote cell regeneration. The combination of apple stem cells & tea tree oil creates an environment for healthy hair and scalp. Tee tree in conjunction with growth enhancers has done much to handle the ever-growing problem of thinning hair and hair loss. It also handles both and is a very big factor in stopping the train wreck of thinning & balding by not only addressing the root cause of scalp irritations but also giving the scalp & hair follicles the needed nutrition and boost they need to thrive

DRY & ITCHY SCALP TREATMENT. Deeply nourishes and hydrates your hair and scalp promoting healthier hair growth. | REVITALIZE AND THICKEN YOUR HAIR. Made with apple stem cell which provides hair stimulation and hair growth treatment. It revitalizes hair follicles for a super shiny hair. | HAIR & SCALP PROTECTION. Protect your hair & scalp with medical grade organic and natural ingredients. | DEEP CLEANSING AND MOISTURIZING. Avoid flaky scalp and soothe eczema flare ups with its deep cleansing and hydrating properties. | COLOR SAFE / REGULAR HAIR & SCALP CARE. Aside from fighting hair loss and scalp treatment, our product is safe for regular use even for color treated hair.







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