Orgrimmar 2 PCS 10X Handheld Magnifying Glass-75mm Magnifying Glass Lens, Thickened Rubbery Frame with Non-Slip Soft Handle for Book Newspaper Reading, Insect and Observation, Science

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Features: Stylish handheld magnifying glass for jewelry/reading use. High quality material, durable for use. Ergonomics handle design: provides a comfortable hand feeling. Great for viewing small objects. Specifications: Material: Rubber, ABS, Thickened Glass Lens Amplification: 10X Lens diameter: 75mm/2.95" Size: 190*86*15mm/7.5*3.39*0.59" Package included: 2Pcs 10X handheld magnifying glass


10X: 10X handheld magnifying glass, you can clearly see many small things, make your vision clearer, read books easily, observe things happily. | Actual glass lens: made from actual glass, not plastic, and has a crystal clear view with zero distortion. | Non-slip material: The handle is made of rubber. It is non-slip and does not hurt your hand. It feels soft and comfortable. Rubbery frame can protect the glass lens from damage. | Thickened design: Thick glass lens, not plastic, and has a crystal clear view with zero distortion, not easy to scratch, high refractive index. The thickened frame makes the lens inlay more securely and does not fall off easily. | Suitable for: Enlargement of dead angle, suitable for reading newspapers and books at home. Fit for small experiments in school classroom science, and observing tiny animals and plants and other interesting items.






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