OSOYOO Ultimate Starter Kit for BBC Micro:bit | Early STEM Education for Beginners and Kids | Bundle Includes Plug & Play Development Board, 20 Sensors & More | Create Circuits and Integrate With Toys

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OSOYOO STEM Starter Kit includes OSOYOO Plug & Play extension board fully compatible with micro bit and other commonly used sensor modules
OSOYOO STEAM Kit for Micro:Bit is combined with open source modular electronic building blocks which are designed for young inventors and teachers.
This kit also provides various learning projects for you, including wiring diagram, source code and more. It can help you make learning easy and fun to enjoy the programming.
Created as a hands-on tool for STEM education in the classroom and beyond, this Kit is compatible with Legos, magnets, screws and Velcro.

Package list:
1pc PnP expansion board for micro:bit
1pc 1 channel Relay
1pc Yellow LED
1pc Red LED
1pc Green LED
1pc White LED
1pc Humi & Temp module
1pc Passive buzzer
1pc Flame sensor
1pc Red button
1pc Blue button
1pc photoresitor
1pc RGB
1pc IR receiver
1pc IR Remote Controller
1pc microphone module
1pc potentiometer
1pc Motor module
1pc Micro Servo motor
1pc Ultrasonic detector module
1pc 1602 I2C LCD Screen
4 x 20cm 3-pin PnP cable
4 x 10cm 3-pin PnP cable
2 x 20cm 3-pin PnP cable
2 x 10cm 4-pin PnP cable
10pin 20cm female to female jumper wires
10pin 20cm female to female jumper wires


HEAVY DUTY, REAL PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION — We are the only Canadian Owned Science Fair Supplier, Circuit Builder, IOT, Autonomous Smart Machine, Home Electronics Workshop, and Micro:Bit Accessory Company, and we are Engineers and Programmers ourselves, so we know how important it is to CREATE Your Dreams! Not All STEM Kits Are Created Equal: Pay For True Quality & You Will Not Be Disappointed. Thanks for your support - you'll hear from us as soon as you order. | THE BEST VALUE PACK ON AMAZON: This Ultimate Gift Bundle Includes Everything You Need To Build and Engineer Your Own Projects: Set includes PnP extension board fully compatible with micro bit and other common sensor modules such as buzzers, LEDs, push buttons, sound sensors, and more. Each module interface has been modified with XH2.54 ports. The plug and play extension board has also been created with XH2.54 ports. This makes DIY projects much easier and reduces the chance for errors. | EASY TO ASSEMBLE, ENCOURAGES LEARNING: Perfect DIY inventor project for kids. PnP expansion board and modules are compatible with Lego blocks. You can use our kit to decorate your toy cars and create and customize unique electronics. You can build your own circuits and projects instantly. The things you can make are only limited by your imagination! | EDUCATIONAL MICROBIT KIT: Best solution for kids to get hands-on experience with electronics, programming, assembling, integration, mechanical and robotics knowledge. Fun for the whole family — you and your children are sure to love learning together and working through the multiple projects this early education STEM kit provides. | SIMPLE AND FUN WAY TO LEARN GRAPHICAL PROGRAMMING: The included MakeCode Block Editor tutorials make it easy to learn while having fun. You can drag and drop blocks of code to create your program. This makes it both fun and easy for beginners to code with this one-of-a-kind Micro:Bit kit, only by OSOYOO. Let’s get learning!

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