Password Piggy Bank Digital Electronic Money Bank Mini ATM Cash Coin Saving Can Toys Birthday Gifts for Kids Silver Black

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Use Guide: 1. Open the bank with default password 0000 2. Enter correct four-digit password, the green light is on. Enter wrong password, the red light is on and you will hear the voice of "PLEASE TRY AGAIN" or "OH" 3. Clockwise rotating the knob to open the door. You will hear beep sound every 20 seconds until closing the door 4. Put money into the slot, it will be absorbed in automatically. Enter correct password can withdraw money Steps for changing the password: 1. Enter the current password (default 0000) to open the safe door 2. Hold the "*" button, both green and red lights will flash 3. Enter new 4-digit password within 15 seconds then press "#" to confirm and save new password. Light will stop flashing Note: If you don't enter new password within 15 seconds the procedure will stop. You need to restart it 4. Release the "*" button and close the door Package including: 1 x Password piggy bank 1 x User manual


WIDE USE: This money bank can store money, coins, jewelry, small toys and baseball cards. Perfect gifts for kids | AUTOMATIC CASH SCROLL: Put cash on the scroll, it can be rolled into the machine automatically(But it doesn't work if the paper is too old or too soft) | ROTARY SWITCH: Enter the correct password then the light turns green, the ATM can be opened.(You can't rotate the switch if the password is wrong) | PASSWORD KEY: The default password is 0000, you can change to another 4 digits password. If you forget the password, just take out the batteries and restart, the password returns to 0000 | NOTICE: It is powered by 3 X AA batteries (not included)









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