Pure Golden Jojoba Oil, 4 fluid oz (118 ml), Cold Pressed, Not deodorized, All natural with spray applicator, Grown and pressed in USA

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Our All Natural 100% Pure Jojoba Oil. Our Pure Jojoba Oil contains no chemicals, no preservatives, no essential oils, and no added colors. Each container Of Pure Jojoba Oil is 4 ounce fluid oz (118 ml). Comes in clear PET plastic bottle that is BPA free. Jojoba Oil should be used externally. For example: Apply prior to shaving Apply to hair as an oil treatment Apply to face, hands, and body after washing Add a little to your favorite shampoo or lotion. Includes convenient sprayer for easy application. County of Origin: USA


Desert Oasis Skincare Jojoba Oil: 100% Pure golden jojoba oil,4 oz (118 gm), Cold Pressed, Not deodorized, first press | Apply Externally to Face, Hands, Skin and Hair. Apply before and after shaving. Includes Sprayer for easy application. | All Natural, approx. 5 inches high by 1.5 inch. Remove induction seal prior to use. Nice and light, add softness to any part of your body | Leaves skin feeling soft and supple. Feel the wonders of jojoba oil. Mist type sprayer included | Unscented, no added essential oils or fragrances, natural mild nutty scent. Jojoba oil does not go rancid and has an extremely long shelf life. Viscosity will change with temperature. #jojoba #jojobaoil #allnatural Plastic bottle for safety. Country of Origin:USA









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