QINGBAO Bath Toys Bathroom Play Spray Bath Toy Children's Bath Toys Bath Spray Toys with Music & Lamp Electric Automatic Induction Water Spray Bath Toy (Pink + Yellow Base)

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1.Cute style: cute comics, more popular among babies 2. Uniqueness: placed on the water surface, automatically absorbs water without a switch 3. Battery use: 3 AAA batteries + 3 AA batteries with sealing ring to prevent water from entering 4. Beautiful gift: the best gift for children to play in the bathtub or pool or on the land Product specifications: 1. Product Name: Waterway Amphibious Automatic Induction Water Spray Bath Toy 2. Material: environmentally friendly plastic + electronic components 3. Size (approx.): Toy size: 5.3x5.3inx4.7in 4. Style: pink + yellow base 5. Required battery: 3 AAA batteries + 3 AA batteries (without battery) 6. Ordinary function: put the ball on the water, spray water automatically, with the beautiful light flashing, your child will fall in love with the bathtub, don't worry about the baby crying in the bathtub; put the ball on the base, he can be flat Sports on the ground accompanied by lights and music note: The ball can be sprayed with water in the water. When not in use, dry the water and dry it. The base cannot be used in the water, and the base has a switch that can be used on land alone. The base has a dual control switch. When the ball is placed on the base, the base will work. When not in use, separate the base from the ball.

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