Rael Acne Pimple Healing Patch - Absorbing Cover, Invisible, Blemish Spot, Hydrocolloid, Skin Treatment, Facial Stickers, Two Sizes, Blends in with skin (48 Patches, 2Pack)

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Rael is Real; Join us as we welcome everyone to use real products with real organic ingredients that show real results with no walls attached!

Light. Easy. Breezy. Comfortable.

They will keep you feeling fresh and worry-free on days when comfort and convenience are all you think about.

Consider your exposure to chemical plastic cover or non-woven fabrics over the course of your lifetime. Let's think the long run cause no one likes chemical exposures permeating their body.

Rael pads are real organic cotton without any toxic ingredients. We make it easy, simple and healthy. Period.

We don't mass produce so we can ensure the quality of our products by keeping them up to date and not storing them in warehouses for an extended period of time.

We are the way, the truth and the accessible.


MADE WITH HIGH-GRADE HYDROCOLLOID: Adhere directly to the skin and extract all the pus and impurities straight from the source. | ?"MFD" (Date of Manufacturing) - The date on the back of the package stands for Manufactured Date, not expiration date. | TRANSPARENT: Invisible so you can feel confident wearing the patches in bright sunlight. | STRONG ADHESIVE: Effective even on those pesky pimples that haven't surfaced! The Healing Patch will calm, flatten and soothe your skin | TWO SIZES: A single pack includes 24 total patches including two sizes:10mm (12 patches)12mm (12 patches)









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