RCmall Flysky FS FS-R6B 2.4G 6 Channel Receiver Radio Model Remote Control Receiver for RC Car FS-TH9X

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RCmall FlySky FS FS-R6B 2.4G 6 Channel Receiver Radio Model Remote Control Receiver For RC Car FS-TH9X

Sensitivity:1024 RF.
Receiver sensitivity:-100dbm
Power:4.5-6v dc
Weight:5g ANT
Color:gray semi-transparent cer
For remote control cars
Package Included:
1 X FlySky FS 2.4G 6 channel receiver

Manual link:

The supplied transmitter and receiver are already bound at production time so you don't need to do it. If you are using another transmitter or receiver, you have to first bind them before use as described below:
1. Install batteries in the transmitter and turn it off.
2. Connect the binding jumper to the battery port of the receiver.
3. Connect the battery of the receiver to any channel power supply. The red LED with blink indicating that it is in binding mode.
4. Press and hold the bind key of the transmitter and turn it on.
5. The red LED of the received should stop to blink meaning a successful binding.
6. Disconnect the receiver battery.
7. Turn off then back on the transmitter.
8. Connect all the servos to the receiver and then connect its battery.
9. Check if all servos are working as expected.
10. If anything is wrong, restart this procedure from the beginning.


***Important Notice, Pleae Read***---Seller NOVOTE is selling fake RCmall. We never authorize them to sell our RCmall products. We Received Many Customer Complaints Against Other Sellers for Poor Quality. If You Purchase Here and Receive From Other Seller, Please Report To Amazon for Item Not As Described And Claim for Sell Fake Products And Get FULL REFUND. | Compatible with FS-i4/FS-i6/FS-i10/FS-GT2E/FS-GT2G/FS-T4B/FS-GT6B/FS-T6/FS-TH9X/TH9b/Turnigy 9x v2/FS-GT2/FS-GT3B/FS-GT3C. These spare 6ch receiver units are specifically for use with the Flysky 6ch CT6B pc rogrammable 2.4GHZ transmitters | For Model Type: Heli, Airplane, Gliders; with dsc port, charger port compatible with FlySky FS-T6 | Munual link: | Package List: 1 X FlySky FS 2.4G 6 channel receiver. Attention!!! Don't be fooled by fake sellers and counterfeit products!!! RCmall is an Amazon registered brand. We never authorize other sellers to sell our products.. Please check the seller name before you place the order. If you receive a counterfeit product from a fake seller, please report the violation to Amazon.









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