RCScrewZ Traxxas Slash 2WD RTR/Pro Stainless Steel Screw Kit, Complete Replacement for RC Car Rusted and Stripped Screws, Race Quality Upgrade, Assembled in USA. tra033 for Traxxas Kit (58024/58034)

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RCScrewZ was born on the professional RC Racing Circuit. RCScrewZ Owner Keith was racing RC cars professionally, and experienced frustration with undependable stock screws that were rusting, bending, and stripping. He began to hunt down top quality components to upgrade his vehicles. Other pro drivers saw what he was doing and wanted in! Keith began selling screw kits to fellow drivers and realized there was a market for professional grade kits. He quit his day job and began producing RCScrewZ kits full time. That was over 20 years ago. Today, Keith remains the leader in aftermarket RC stainless steel screw kits with over 7,000 RCScrewZ kit variations in stock, assembled in Canton, MI, USA, using the highest grade stainless steel components money can buy!

This RCScrewz Stainless Steel Screw Set replaces all fasteners in the 1/10 scale Traxxas Slash 2WD RTR/Pro (Model #58024/58034) with high quality polished stainless steel (A4 and A6) components.


-All socket screws + Extras
-Button Screws + Extras
-Flat Head Screws + Extras
-Set Screws + Extras
-Nuts + Extras
-Washers + Extras
-Bondhus Short Arm Hex Wrenches (Allen Keys) for each included size of screw
-Quality Flambeau Tuff-Tainer reusable case with snap-latch, detachable lid, six compartments, and two removable dividers


As a result of our field testing some small diameter screws may have Phillips heads to retain strength. This may include some chassis screws and differential screws. All other remain socket head.

Use either a wax or grease on the threads to help prevent stripping while going into new or hard material.

Please refer to the assembly manual for your RC car kit for screw locations, assembly and repair instructions, and screw sizes.

Car Manual/Schematics
Proprietary Traxxas parts (#3967 Barrel/Shoulder Screw Pin, #3640 Suspension/Hinge Screw Pin)


LOW MAINTENANCE: Eliminate the frustration of rusted, stripped, corroded, or bent screws! | WORRY FREE: High Performance RC Screw Set made with the best stainless steel money can buy | CONVENIENT: We've tracked down the pro hardware you need for a complete conversion, plus spares! | AFFORDABLE: Model specific kits get you amazing quality without paying for stuff you don't need! | tra033 for Traxxas Kit (58024/58034). Traxxas proprietary parts NOT included (see pics/description)









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