Reca 130 Upgraded Kids Prizes Party Favors for Kids Party, Birthday Party Toy Assortment, Teachers and Parents Rewards, Carnival Prizes, Pinata Fillers, Stocking Stuffers

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Are you a loving Parent - A Teacher with Passion - A Epic Party thrower - A Doctor / Dentist with Heart - Or maybe you are just the CUTEST Grandma / Grandpa out there , If any of the above applies to you than stop surfing the web because you are about to win your jackpot! We at RECA Designed A treasure box for kids party bags, party favors, and party giveaways, for which it is great!!, as well as teachers or parents grandparents of just people that love to give and reward could use it for their prize rewards box, and dentist or medical centers that use them to keep the children happy and calm and just be exited to visit again , the assorted items are special selected it should work for kids in the age between 3 to 12 The selection of small and mid-size toys is special designed to bring excitement and fun, to any carnival, and party event, by including a lot of noise makers, and kids whistles, as well as funny glasses,use it to bring fun and joy at your event or class, And for the Emoji Lovers we included a whole bunch of Emoji Toys like - Emoji bracelet watches , Emoji erasers, and more, and we did some unicorn goddies as well for you. AMAZING ASSORTMENT!! Super Value 130 Jumbo Pack Toys and Party Favors! Guaranteed 130 high quality most popular toys. This Pack Includes 19 Completely Different Toy Sets with Minimum Duplication in Colors or Designs. Includes 6 Heart Glases 8 Tops 8 Stamps 4 Charachter Pens 10 Hand Clappers 10 Pullback Drag Airplanes 12 Emoji Erasers 6 Number


  • EPIC PARTY PACK - It includes all kinds of kid’s small toys and party giveaways, this prize bag will make your party an EPIC EVENT !!!...
  • HUGE VARIETY! - Fun toys for both girls and boys , This toy assortment offers a fun mix of toys for parties, birthday parties, Pinata Fillers, Holliday Goody Bag Fillers, Party Favors, Stocking Stuffers, Egg Basket Fillers , Carnival Prizes, Teacher Giveaways, Classroom Rewards and more.
  • 120 MOST POPULAR PRIZES - This pack includes 19 completely different Toy sets and each of them come with a variety of BRIGHT color variations with few duplicates.
  • TEACHER / MOTHER REWARDS - Do your Teaching and Parenting with passion Make Your Students Love You Again!
  • THRILL OR MONEY BACK - 100% money back guarantee and manufacturer’s warranty when purchased from an authorized reseller. 100% brand new and high quality toys.








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