Reditmo Kiddire 24 Keys Toddler Toy Keyboard with Microphone, 4 Drums, Build-in MP3 Songs, for 18M+,1 2 3 4 Year Old Kids, Baby, Boy Girl Birthday, Educational Toy Piano, Pink

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Play the stars of the future! The colored toy piano has the sounds of 8 kinds of instruments such as piano, violin, and guitar, as well as various good demonstration songs. Specifications : Package Size : 41*23.5*12CM Weight: 1.31 Material: plastic & ABS Color: pink Package Included: Drum toy with mini keyboard*1 Microphone *1 Stand*2 Line*2


24 Key Children's Toy Keyboard-- 8 kinds of sounds (violin, trumpet, saxophone, guitar, organ, synthesizer, vibraphone, music box), demonstration, sounds of various instruments, early childhood education toys to help your baby stimulate children's music interest, and develop intelligence better. | Mini Microphone Design-- The sound can be amplified after the connection line is connected, the volume can be adjusted according to different occasions and needs. | You can play other music or demo songs through the connection cable to play the songs your baby likes. | Drums of 4 Different Sounds-- Which will attract your baby's attention more and more, and let the baby fall in love with music. At the same time, in the teaching mode, pressing the illuminated keys, in turn, will pop up a beautiful melody to exercise the baby's eyes and hands. | Product Size: 40*19*21.5cm. The product pays attention to safety issues, choose non-toxic and harmless materials, has no smell, decolorizer, and has Children’s Product Certificate (CPC).









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