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Redmond Clay is an old Home Remedy used for generations. Redmond Clay origins are as old as the practice of putting a mud poultice on a bee sting. Geologically, Redmond Clay is volcanic ash that was deposited in sea water approximately 150 million years ago. Redmond Clay is a bentonite clay. Redmond brings this lay of a thousand usesto market in its natural state with no additives, chemicals or preservatives. The only processing it undergoes is crushing and screening. External Uses Mix the Redmond Clay with water to make a gel the consistency of mustard. Then apply the gel/paste directly on the skin for a drawing effect. If the clay is not covered it will dry out, and as it dries, you will feel it draw and pull. If you want a tightening effect, as in the case of a facial, leave it on until it is almost, but not totally dry, then remove. If you want a more cooling and soothing effect, cover the gel with a plastic covering or wet cloth so it won dry out. To remove the clay pack, simply wash it off with water and a gentle rubbing motion. Do not reuse the clay pack. Other external uses have been as a talcum powder or a diapering powder. Pre-mixed ready to use gel Mix two parts water with one part Redmond Clay to make a gel or mud. You can use a blender or mixer to speed up the process or you can just shake or stir by hand to create a smooth and creamy consistency. It should make a mud the consistency of mustard. If it seems too thin, add more clay. If it seems too thick add more water. Store the gel in a covered, non-metallic container and it will not dry out and will not separate. If it does dry out over prolonged storage, just add water and remix.


CONTAINS NO: No Additives, No Fragrances, or No Animal Products. The clay comes from right here in the USA, which means less miles and a smaller carbon footprint | 1000 USES - Face masks, Detox baths,Topical paste, Body powder, Moisture control, and 995 other ways to enjoy it! | PURE - Redmond Bentonite Clay is the result of volcanic ash deposited in seawater 150 million years ago. We bring it to you in its purest form, so you can get the full benefit of one of natureà ¢â‚ ¬â„ ¢s best-kept secrets | SAFE FOR SENSITIVE SKIN - For thousands of years, people have used clay for a variety of reasons. Over time, the practice of using clay was forgotten by most cultures, but as the holistic health and organic food movements gain momentum, people have become more open to traditional products like Redmond Clay | POWERFUL PROPERTIES - Revered for its ability to draw and pull impurities, bentonite clay has been used for generations as a home remedy for countless ailments, so using it to soothe and purify your skin is a no-brainer









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