Replacement Brush Heads Compatible with Oral B Braun -20 Pack of 4 Sensitive Clean, 4 Floss Action, 4 Precision Clean & 4 Cross Action. Fits Oralb Electric Toothbrush Pro1000 Pro3000 Pro5000 & More!

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We each have different needs and tastes, and each day brings along new experiences. That's why Alayna created this OralB Braun compatible replacement brush head set- where you're sure to find the brush head you'll love. Additionally, different occasions call for different bristle styles. When you're looking for a deep interdental clean, reach for the Oral b compatible generic Floss Action brush head. The electric toothbrush replacement head will provide a floss like clean and promotes gum health with specialized MicroPulse bristles. For a thorough, fresh feel, go for the Oral-B Precision Clean- you'll almost feel like you're sitting in the dentist's chair! This brush head offers the comfort and convenience of the familiar brushing motion as a manual brush but removes much more plaque! The Sensitive Care compatible brush heads are soft and gentle on the teeth and gums without compromising on the teeth clean. If you're looking for outstanding tooth by tooth cleaning coverage, choose the Cross Action generic brush head, which has various bristle levels at different angles which reaches and removes more plaque. Finally, there s the Pro White Oral B Braun electric toothbrush head which will make your pearly whites even whiter, with its unique polishing bristles. The yellow polishing cup in the middle of the brush head holds toothpaste which gently removes stains and naturally whitens the teeth. Compatible with: Oral B Vitality Precision Clean (All Models) Oral B Vitality Dual Clean (All models) Oral B Professional Care (All models) Oral B Professional Care SmartSeries (All models) Oral B TriZone (All models) Oral B Advance Power (All models) Oral B Pro Health (All models) Oral B Triumph (All models) Oral B 3D Excel (All models) Oral B Plak Control 3D | Duo | Travel Oral B Triumph Professional Care (All models)


PACK OF 12 REPLACEMENT BRUSH HEADS COMPATIBLE WITH ORALB TOOTHBRUSH- Include 4 Flossaction, 4 Precision Clean, 4 Sensitive Care and 4 Crossaction electric toothbrush heads. Remove plaque, decrease gingivitis and whiten your teeth with these assorted oral b replacement brush heads. | GENERIC CROSS ACTION- Benefit from perfectly angled bristles which levels & cover more surface to reach and remove more plaque. GENERIC SENSITIVE CARE HEADS- provides a superior and excellent full mouth and teeth clean, yet are still gentle to the gums and teeth. | GENERIC PRECISION CLEAN HEADS- These electric toothbrush heads provide similar brushing motion of a manual toothbrush, but remove 100% more plaque. GENERIC PRO WHITE HEADS- has a special polishing cup to remove tough teeth stains and naturally whitens the teeth. | GENERIC FLOSS ACTION HEADS: For floss-like clean, using advanced MicroPulse bristles, these brushes provide superior tooth interdental cleaning. Removes plaque, promotes gum health and surrounds each tooth for deep brushing. | COMPATIBILITY - Our oral b assorted toothbrush replacement heads snap in easily to your oral b base providing simple installation and removal. Includes color-coded rings for identification. Satisfaction guaranteed or full refund.





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