RONBEI Baby Wipes, Unscented Infant Wipes, Complete Clean,12 Pop-Top Packs of 80 (960 Count) Wet Wipes for Baby

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98% water with Vitamin E, moisturizes Baby skin effectively, for ultimate kindness to babies. NO PLASTIC, 100% plant fibers, gentle as cotton wool and water, meet dermatologically tested & meet FDA. Suitable for use from birth or for kids that already use the bathroom independently | RONBEI infant wipes can still keep their functionality after flip top lid opening up to 6 months. All-round sealed flip top pack, prevent pollutants from entering in and avoid volatilization of water, Vitamin E and other ingredients. Unopened packets can be kept much longer, so there’s no need to worry wipes will be dry or be dirty | 960 Count wipes! WOW! Each individual pack contains 80 baby wipes, every pack wipes can be used about 1-2 weeks in single-baby family. 960 count wipes for longer use time and 2-year shelf life, so no need to purchase baby wipes frequently | Every piece of baby wip is large enough for convenient use, 7.87''L x 6.3''W (200mm x 160mm), large to cover adult full palms. So no need to worry the wipes are too small to use. Yes, as parents we know that too small wipes cannot clean baby skin well even will bring unnecessary trouble. Do not hesitate it | 100% Flushable, Made using natural plant-based ingredients,100% Biodegradable, the natural material breaks down in 4-6 weeks after disposal, sewer-safe & septic-safe





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