Rose Gold 30th Birthday Decorations for Womenr, 30 Birthday Party Supplies for Her Include Foil Fringe Curtains,Happy Birthday Balloons,Birthday Tiara & sash, Cake Topper

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Made of food grade material, safe and non-toxic Strong and light, can float with helium filled Can be reused, use the straw to deflated balloons after party ends Package Incudes: Foil Fringe Curtain x 2 16" HAPPY BIRTHDAY balloons x 1(NOT HELIUM SUPPORT) 12" White Rose Gold Latex Balloons x 12 12" Rose Gold Latex Balloons x12 12" Rose Gold Confetti Balloons x 8 40" Champagne balloonx 1 40" Glass balloon x 1 16" Star Mylar Balloons x 2 BIRTHDAY tiara x 1 BIRTHDAY Sash x 1 Cake Topper x 1 Number 30 Foil Balloons x 1 Balloons Ribbon x 2 (11 yards) Why Helium deflate so quick from latex balloonBecause helium atoms are small enough to slip between spaces in the balloon material. There is less space between the molecules in Mylar, so the mylar balloon stays inflated longer. How long will latex balloons floatResearch shows average float time is 5-7 hours. Float time can vary significantly based on the level of inflation,size of balloon, temperature and altitude. We recommend inflating balloons 1-2 hours prior to the event for the best results. What can I do to make latex balloons float longerFirst, be sure to tie a tight knot in the neck of the balloon. If you are attaching ribbons to the balloons, be sure to tie the ribbon below the knot. For special occasions that require prolonged float time, you can also purchase float extender like ULTRA HI-FLOAT to expend float time to 1 week.


??An Ultimate Complete Birthday Decoration set, Rose Gold Supplies Decorations for HER 30th Birthday. Fancy Design Makes Birthday Party Special and Distinctive. Use it to light up the party. | ??This Birthday Decoration Pack include everything:Huge 40" Number 30 Balloons + "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" balloons + 2 Rose Gold Foil Fringe Backdrop Curtains + 8 rose gold confetti balloons+ 12 white balloons + 12 rose gold balloons + 2 star balloons + 1 champagne balloon + 1 glass balloon + Birthday Girl tiara + Birthday girl sash | ??NOT LIKE OTHERS ONLY INCLUDE 1 FOIL CURTAIN, we include 2 Foil Fringe Curtains in the pack, which make the photo backdrop wide enough for more people to take photo together. | ??Fancy 30 BIRTHDAY sash and tiara, inlaid with pink rhinestones, by wearing which SHE will be the queen among the people of the party. | ??BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: Any product problem please email us for replacement or refund. More birthday party favors supplies items please click Brillex storefront, order it and enjoy your event!





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