Rovectin Conditioning Cleanser - pH Balanced Hypoallergenic Face Wash For Sensitive Skin (5.9 fl. oz)

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Rovectin Conditioning Cleanser is a gentle and hydrating cleanser that maintains the skin's natural low pH level. It safely washes away impurities from makeup, sweat, and the environment without stripping skin of its natural moisture barrier. This conditioning formula leaves skin feeling hydrated and soft instead of dry and stripped, and it is formulated without artificial fragrance. Rovectin Conditioning Cleanser does have a natural coconut scent from a naturally moisturizing coconut oil it is formulated to do: Rovectin's hydrating Barrier Repair Complex lifts dead skin cells away and helps repair and restore skin's natural moisture barrier. Glycerin is a natural hypoallergenic agent that absorbs and retains moisture from the air to keep the skin toned, hydrated, and radiant. Sodium Cocoamphoacetate is an organic compound derived from coconut oil that maintains healthy pH levels in the skin. This ingredient is suitable for individuals with sensitive skin, including children and babies because of its gentle qualities. br/br/Experience the Rovectin Difference:br/Barrier Repair Complex: Our exclusive formula acts like a lipid, your skin's natural source of moisture, to restore and fortify your skin. This plant-based compound gently builds the strength of your skin's natural barrier to keep moisture in and damaging toxins Cell Fortifier: Astaxanthin is the world's most powerful antioxidant found in nature (micro-algae) that alleviates inflammation, maintains an even skin tone, neutralizes skin-damaging free radicals, and promotes youthful-looking skin. Research suggests astaxanthin's ability to fight cell-damaging free radicals is potentially:6000 X higher than Vitamin C,550 X higher than Vitamin Ebr/Silky Shielding Base : Our proprietary base ensures the delivery of highly concentrated nutrients directly to the skin that easily absorb without leaving behind a greasy or sticky residue.



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