RoWood Mechanical Gear 3D Wooden Puzzle Craft Toy, Best Gift for Adults and Teens, Age 14+ DIY Model Building Kits - Pendulum Clock

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Model Number: Rowood Pendulum Clock LK501
Average build time: 8 hours
Total Pieces: 166
Model weight: 1.1kg
Box weight: 1.17KG
Assembled size: 234*117*346 mm
Box size: 370*250*50.5 mm
Certificates: EN71,-1,-2,-3,ASTMF963
Recommended Age Range: 14+

Plywood sheets
Metal Spring
Illustrated instructions

-Follow the instructions provided in the booklet and assembly 3d puzzle with some exciting and engaging fun. Fell the pride of self creation getting this exquisite wooden work like a pro.
-Revive the enigmatic charm and cheer your parties and get-togethers with an experience that is unique and interesting .
-It's an amazing gift for any occasion. Christmas. New year, birthday, gift for boss, father or grandfather.

Rowood is a sub-brand of Robotime, which is a Chinese toy brand and focuses on designing, manufacturing and selling 3D Puzzles, Brain Teaser Puzzles, Grown-Up Puzzles and educational toys for Adults.


[High-Quality Material and Perfect Design] This is a perfectly designed DIY kit that requires your hands-on work to complete. This mechanical wooden puzzle toy uses precision laser cutting of high- quality plywood, which is safe and convenient. | [Detailed Instructions and Amazing Charm] When you follow the instructions step by step to complete the mechanical model, you will send yourself as if back to the industrial age. Open the clockwork, it will start to exercise. This toy kit will combine the charm of the old and the mechanical power, and it will be very attractive. | [Exercise Willpower and Fun Of DIY] The ability to work out hand- crafted, but also bring fun to your life. Making this mechanical model toy requires not only attentiveness but also patience and empowerment. In addition, the successful installation will produce a sense of accomplishment, so you feel very substantial. | [Ideal Gift and Fine Ornament] This is an amazing gift for any occasion. At Christmas, new year, birthday, Valentine’s day as a gift to a boyfriend, son, father, or grandfather. In addition, it can be used as a family decoration, in the study, on the desk. | [Matters Needing Attention] Be careful to connect the parts in a complete and solid way to ensure that it runs well. Don’t put it in a wet place.

Model No:

Rowood Pendulum Clock LK501



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