RUGGED & DAPPER Dual-Purpose Body Wash and Shampoo for Men, 16 Oz

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DUAL PURPOSE POWER BODY WASH + SHAMPOO HELPS: DEEPLY CLEAN AND MOISTURIZE DEODORIZE AND REVITALIZE THE ENTIRE BODY REMOVE EXCESS SKIN AND OIL SOFTEN AND REFRESH WITH A MASCULINE SCENT ADD TO CART TODAY - PRIME SHIPPING AVAILABLE DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Use daily in the shower, as an all-over body wash and shampoo. Squeeze generous amount onto hands, sponge or wash cloth for best foaming results. Lather well over wet hair, scalp and body. Rinse thoroughly and repeat as needed. Follow with our Age + Damage Defense Facial Moisturizer for best results. Looking your best every day requires care and discipline. But it doesn't have to take a LONG TIME! With the right products and some simple planning you can turn back time and get youthful and clear skin. RUGGED & DAPPER is your solution for high quality, natural and organic skin care. Our Body Wash + Shampoo is comprised of Natural and Organic Ingredients. WHY RUGGED & DAPPER RUGGED & DAPPER is a premium skincare collection, designed exclusively for men, utilizing the most powerful natural & organic ingredients. Husband & wife team, Ryan & Janine, take pride in offering a refined collection of no-nonsense & naturally effective grooming tools. Based in Los Angeles - all products are made responsibly in the U.S. Their mission is to inspire masculine confidence & keep men looking & feeling good - day after day.


Formulated for Men: Banishes odor, grime and excess oil from head to toe. Designed to provide balanced moisture and replenish essential nutrients to your skin, hair and scalp. | Multi-Purpose Benefits: Deeply cleans, deodorizes and revives the entire body. | Natural Ingredients, Borrowed from the Outdoors: Borage Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Orange Peel Tincture and Rose Hip Oil. | Highly Effective Formula: Rich foaming lather leaves a fresh and masculine scent for every active lifestyle. | For All Ages & Most Skin Types: Normal, sensitive, oily, rough, or dry, color-treated and thinning hair.





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