Russian Nesting Doll - "Winter`s Tale" - Hand Painted in Russia -15 color/size variations - Wooden Decoration Gift Doll - Traditional Matryoshka Babushka (8`` (7 dolls in 1), Blank Wood)

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7 dolls in 1 - 8``high - Blank Wood - Russian Nesting Doll Matryoshka Babushka. 100% Russian-made item. Dolls stacked together one in one by reducing size in the biggest - "Mother" doll. Parts exactly connects together. Open-close with no risk to damage item.


PERFECT FOR DIY HOME DECOR . Durable and eye-catching. | Smooth surface.Specially prepared for aqua,guasch, acrylic and tempera paints. | RUSSIAN NESTING DOLL . Blank Wood. 7 dolls in 1 , 8`` high - 100% Made in Russia item. | Creative and unique gift idea. Paint your friends or collegues. | Classic and relaxing design in cold colors gamma. Highly detailed artwork from the biggest mother doll to the smallest child doll.

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