SanerLian Waterproof Temporary Fake Tattoo Stickers Vintage Elegant Grey Flowers Set of 2

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Want to get tattoo but do not want to endure the pain, why not choose temporary tattooTo be elegant, sexy, cool, or cute, wear one temporary tattoo, you will be outstanding in the crowd Instructions 1: Remove the tattoo surface film 2: Soaked the tattoos 3: Put tattoos on the position which you want 4: Fixed the position and flatten tattoo 5: Suck up water with a makeup sponge 6: Remove the backing paper Now you get a beautiful tattoo Tattoo removal method Remove tattoo paste method: using a clean cloth or paper towel or stick a little alcohol BB cream repeatedly cleansing. Tattoo removed easily About US All our tattoos are produced in GMP standard factory. Related testing report is available, such as FDA, SGS, EN71 and so on to ensure our product is safe and non-toxic to human. Our tattoo stays longer on skin, and when the tattoo fades color, the tattoo shape doesn't change, only the color lighter. Our factory is specialized in producing tattoos and nail stickers. If you like, we also could produce according to your design.


High quality fashionable temporary tattoo, which looks like real | Size: 3.94" x 3.94" | Quantity: 2 in one set | Easy to apply, lasts for 2--5 days | Produced in standard factory,safe to use



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