Sawaruita 587PCS Vehicles Building Blocks Set Educational Construction Building Toys for Kids Ages 6+ Creative Treasure Box Prizes (20 Sets A)

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The first years of childhood are crucial when it comes to kid's cognitive development and creativity stimulation. With our educational toy, the possibilities are endless!

Our construction engineering building blocks are rich in colors and abundant in varieties. Unleash your kids' creativity and encourage them to build and take down building blocks.

20 set different blocking toy that perfectly compatible with existing major band kids building toys.

The vehicle building brick sets are non-toxic by high quality material and ABS plastic.

Each building kits toy is individually packaged and equipped with detailed guide for easy assembly.

Our DIY toys enables kids over 6 years to enjoy the fantastic moment with friends while enhancing their social skills and learn to cooperate with others.

Enjoy the quality family time and developing kid's creativity and imagination. Spark the creative genius in your kids through interactive play!

587PCS building bricks all together for missile cars, tanks, navy escort boat, airborne, beetle scout, bulldozer, drilling machine, motor, snowmobiles, mecha etc.



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