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SEKI EDGE SS-303- Cuticle Pusher

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Cuticle pushers are personal grooming tools that you must have for great looking nails! Maintaining healthy cuticles can easily be done in the comfort of your own home, but to have beautiful do-it-yourself cuticles it require great quality tools! The sleek Cuticle Pusher can help you to do this by gently pushing back those stubborn cuticles with ease. Not only can this tool be used at home, but it is appropriate for professional use as well! Some other product features include: Stainless steel Hand-finished Ergonomic handle Contoured edge Sophisticated design HOW TO USE: Soak hands or feet in warm water for 10-15 minutes. Apply cuticle softener. Simply push back cuticles in a forward backward motion with the scoop end of the cuticle pusher. ABOUT SEKI EDGE: SEKI EDGE is a collection of world class beauty implements made by the finest craftsman in Seki, Japan. From nail clippers, eyebrow tweezers, mens grooming kits, eyelash curlers to Japanese chef knives, there is something for everyone! At Seki Edge, we stay on the cutting edge in functionality and design keeping you groomed and beautiful.



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