Sewing Kit For Kids Age 7 to 12. Learn How To Sew raccoon and fox. Easy Diy Craft Felt Animals Sewing With Big Holes For Beginners.

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ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A GREAT EDUCATIONAL PRODUCT FOR YOUR 7 YEARS OLD AND UP CHILD... this is the best quiet kit for your kid! No more screen to spend time with, but an educational time to learn and play! your kid will get a carrying zipper bag, with 2 cute and special animal to sew (all that needed to sew it are inside) the kit. A Raccoon and A Fox, are special in their way of living, and the information of "Did you know..." cards will let you and your child share this info to learn and like this animals. After sewing your child can play long time after with it. Invite your best friend child to sew with, it's FUN and EASY - the wide holes will allow the easiest way to sew, so it won't be frustrating! although this kit is easy to work with - parental help may be needed.


EDUCATIONAL CRAFT KIT FOR KIDS teach kids to sew. Activity for individual or couple.Diy kit for girls or boys in the age of 7-12. Increase self-image and self confidence in achieving success. Develop social skills working in couple. Grand motor skills, and executive functioning and planning that your young child require. | GREAT BIRTHDAY CHILDREN CRAFT ART GIFT for your child best friend, granddaughter, grandson, daughter, son, niece, nephew, little brother or sister. | MAKING STUFFED ANIMALS - FUN, ENJOYABLE, ENRICHING, QUALITY TIME spend with family, or child with best friend. Art craft for summer activity.
| KIT CONTENTS, FOR 2 STUFFED ANIMALS PROJECTS, organized in a quality bag. all contents are child safe sewing: Simple easy sewing with Step by step instructions. pre-cut panda and koala 2mm thickness felt parts (no need for sewing pins) with big holes for easy sewing, 2 plastic needles, 1 small scissors adjusted to small child grab – for cutting threads, thick treads in 3 colors: white, gray and black. Soft Stuffing (polyester fill), and 2 pair of eyes (no need for glue – it's a sticker). | SOFT AND QUIET ORANGE ZIPPER CARRYING BAG - not as noisy as metal cases, achieving maximum calming and pleasant play time. You have also 2 "did you know" info, about Koala and Panda mind - to be acquainted with this special animals.









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